Sport recreational programme


Description of the sport recreational programme

Pilates is a system of exercise which via controlled rhythm of breathing strengthens your body and mind; we provide greater flexibility and power centre of the hull, which is called "power house". With the movement of the hands and feet we associate the intensity and complexity. In pilates breathing works as a support system. When breathing we should not move the abdominal wall. The introductory part is intended for warming your body, learning basic techniques, settlement of joints and stabilizing the torso. The main part includes exercises on the floor in different positions (on the back, stomach, side). In the final part we do stretching for the muscle groups that were stressed during exercise. In practice we use small pilates balls or elastic bands. Pilates is mainly an exercise for body shaping, so it should be combined with aerobic exercise (running, cycling, swimming, aerobics, etc.) to maintain stamina and lose excess fat. The pilates exercise has influence on improving posture:, shaping strengthens the back and abdominal muscles and prevents the occurrence of back pain, it increases flexibility and amplitude of motion in all joints, improves balance and coordination, self-confidence and the body. It can also help with incontinence and stress.


Sports clothes, towel, bottle of water.

Duration of the sport recreational programme

35 hrs


The sport recreational programmes are financed by the University of Ljubljana. For students of the University of Ljubljana the sport recreational programmes are free of charge. Participation in the sport recreational programmes is at the student’s own risk.


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