Sport recreational programme


Description of the sport recreational programme

The programme Fencing consists of training or training process, upgrading the levels of difficulty and progression in the formal stages of the acquired knowledge and skills. In addition to the training contents, students will gain knowledge on the rules of behaviour in and out of sports surfaces and usage of appropriate equipment for training. The programme also includes a historical overview, basic competition rules and using basic props, movement of the legs, the basic positions and moving of arms, jumps, arrows, fencing rules, positions 4 and 6, bumps on the arms, defence etc.


Sports clothes and clean sports shoes, towel, bottle of water.

Duration of the sport recreational programme

60 hrs


The sport recreational programmes are financed by the University of Ljubljana. For students of the University of Ljubljana the sport recreational programmes are free of charge. Participation in the sport recreational programmes is at the student’s own risk.

Students cover the cost of rental the fencing equipment; the cost is 25.00 € per semester.

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