Sport recreational programme


Description of the sport recreational programme

Savate is a combat sport that is based on constantly building the offensive and defensive techniques that are adapted to the situations we are faced with from the side of our opponent. In savate we are forced to constantly move our position which makes this sport especially challenging. Unlike other martial arts savate boasts a wide range of strokes with feet and hands which are carried made possible with specially designed sports shoes. Sport is suitable for those who want to gain fitness through quality exercise, strength and knowledge of martial arts thus a healthy self-esteem and sportsmanship which is not based on violence.


Sports clothes and clean sports shoes, towel, bottle of water.

Duration of the sport recreational programme

60 hrs


The sport recreational programmes are financed by the University of Ljubljana. For students of the University of Ljubljana the sport recreational programmes are free of charge. Participation in the sport recreational programmes is at the student’s own risk.

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