Sport recreational programme


Description of thesport recreational programme

Fitness program for persons with disabilities will be held once a week for a period of one hour. Training will be adapted to the individual abilities. Participation is open to persons with various forms of disability. The exercises, intensity and the volume of the training will be adapted to single capabilities. All exercise programs will be also individualized according to the wishes of participating students: endurance or strength. The program will allow for gradual progress: it will begin with an introductory exercise, where we first learn to properly perform exercises and, if necessary, adjust capacities, followed by an increase in the intensity and the amount of exercise load. Swimming for people with special needs will take place once a week in the swimming pool of the University Centre at the Faculty of Sport. The pool is fully adapted for people with disabilities. The program will take place under the professional guidance and will be adapted to the individual abilities. If necessary, the personal assistant will be provided. The program will be in relation to the swimming knowledge from those for beginners (swimming learning), as well as swimmers with a better knowledge of swimming. All programs will be adapted to individual abilities.


Fitness: Sports clothes and clean sports shoes, towel, bottle of water.

Swimming: Swimwear (Bermuda shorts are not allowed), towel, swimming goggles recommended.

Duration of the sport recreational programme

Fitness: 30 hrs (once a week)

Swimming: 30 hrs (once a week)


The sport recreational programmes are financed by the University of Ljubljana. For students of the University of Ljubljana the sport recreational programmes are free of charge. Participation in the sport recreational programmes is at the student’s own risk.

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