The network – MRIC UL – comprises infrastructural centres that provide specialized technical, instrumental, expert and informational support for the research and infrastructural groups of the University of Ljubljana, its pedagogical activity and users outside the University.

MRIC UL’s infrastructural activity is directed by the vice-rector for research work, pending appointment.

All Infrastructural Centres:

  • have a director 
  • have members who are not members of programme- or research-project groups
  • develop their own specialized infrastructural activity
  • provide information about their activity to users and the public (website) 
  • provide services to researchers and other staff of the University of Ljubljana
  • provide services to other users in accordance with the rules and rates of the Administrative Board of the University of Ljubljana 
  • report on their work

 Infrastructural centres of MRIC UL 2009–2014 
MRIC UL 2004–2008