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Interdisciplinary doctoral programme in ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
Conditions for completing the programme and the doctoral diploma

Conditions for completing the programme

The condition for completing the programme of study and acquiring the doctoral degree is the successful completion of all study requirements defined by the programme and the successful defence of the doctoral thesis. Candidate is obliged to publish at least one scientific article. The article with the candidate’s name listed as first author must be published or accepted for publication in an internationally recognised scientific journal relating to individual scientific disciplines prior to the defence of the doctoral thesis. 

Doctoral thesis

The doctoral thesis is a written work that signifies an independent and original contribution to the scientific field that the topic of the thesis pertains to. The doctoral thesis at the University of Ljubljana is written in Slovene. Exceptionally, a candidate may write the doctoral thesis in English if there are justified reasons therefor (a foreign candidate, mentor or a member of the commission). A doctoral thesis in a foreign language may only be submitted together with an exhaustive summary in Slovene that must employ the appropriate Slovene professional terminology from the scientific field of the dissertation. 

The registration of topic, the nomination of an academic advisors – mentor and co-mentor, as well as the nomination of an expert committee for evaluation of a doctoral thesis and graduation committee, are in the domain of coordinating faculty senates. The Senate of the University of Ljubljana approves of the topic of the doctoral thesis and the proposed mentor(s).

Doctoral diploma

After fulfillment of all study requirements the diploma jointly signed by the Rector of the University of Ljubljana and the dean of the responsible faculty is awarded to the candidates. Doctoral diploma is awarded by the Rector of the University of Ljubljana. Graduates of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Environmental Protection receive the title doktor/doktorica znanosti (»Doctor of Science«).