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Slovene language courses

The course is intended for international students enrolled in degree programmes (exchange students are not eligible to attend this course) who need to improve their knowledge of Slovene language to be able to successfully carry out their study obligations in Slovene language.


Slovenščina kot tuji jezik – lektorat 1 is a study course intended for international students enrolled in degree programmes at University of Ljubljana. Available places are limited, so the priority have the students also enrolled in a Year Plus module,  and students having possibility to choose elective course with 3 ECTS within their study programmes. Other students might learn Slovene language at Centre for Slovene.

Please note:
Students enrolled at Doctoral study, can’t claim Slovene language course as elective in their study programmes.


Slovenščina kot tuji jezik – lektorat is a study course organized as an intensive language course. It runs in levels 1, 2, and 3. Students, applying first time for the course are automatically enrolled in the level 1.  The course is held in smaller groups with no more than 20 participants according on their previous knowledge (placement test). Each level of the course consists of 45 lessons in the classroom + 15 lessons outside the classroom, altogether 60 contact lessons each (3 ECTS each).

The course will be held in winter and summer semester 2017/18, 3 lessons once per week at the Faculty of Arts (also possibility of organizing lessons at different faculties of the University of Ljubljana).  

Please note:
1 lesson = 45 minutes



The applications will be admitted until October 10th 2017.
Since the number of positions is limited, we will create a waiting list.
Applicants will receive more information via e-mail.

More information:

Applications to the Slovenian language courses in the spring semester 2016/2017 are closed.
The application form has been withdrawn as all available places have been filled.

To improve the process of internationalisation, the University of Ljubljana organises Slovenian language courses for international students enrolled in degree programmes and international teachers at the University of Ljubljana; 5% of available places are also intended for teachers and students from other higher education institutions in the Republic of Slovenia providing publicly recognised study programmes.

Application and conditions

The course is intended for all international employees who are directly involved in the educational process (teachers, assistants, lectors), and for regular international students (exchange students are not eligible to attend this course). Students have to prove a valid student status by enclosing to the application a certificate of registration for the academic year 2016/2017. Students who wish to claim the subject “Slovenian as a foreign language” as one of the electives of their study programme, must obtain a consent of their academy/ faculty (Izjava_soglasje.docx) and send it to us no later than 13 February 2017.

  •  Course and duration
  • in the spring semester (February–May)
  • twice a week for 2 or 3 lessons (1 lesson = 45 minutes)
  • 60 lessons altogether

The courses will be held at different faculties of the University of Ljubljana.

Participants do not pay any tuition fee for the course; however, they are required to obtain the textbook for the course.

After successful completion of the course, participants are awarded 3 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). An 80-percent attendance is required in order to receive a certificate.

 More information: .