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The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport of the University maintains an important nation-wide and general importance in the undergraduate education of university and higher education professionals in the field of shipping and transport, post-graduate education specialists, Masters and PhD’s in traffic sciences and scientific researchers in the field of Traffic Engineering. The transport sector is undergoing significant technical, technological and organisational shifts. We are seeing changes in the concept of transport, with the processes of individual transport technologies and transport industries undergoing constant change. Transport logistics has managed to encompass an entire economic and social-activity spectrum through its structure and functions. The evolution of science, in particular in the field of operations research and informatics, provides supply with the principle of “just in time” that enables increased competitiveness in transport services. At sea, we are faced with the growing use of information technologies and automation. Ships are becoming increasingly more automated and specialised. Changes in the shipping marketplace spurred a change in shipping ports, which have adapted to those changes, making ports the most important link in the transport logistics chain.