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The Faculty of Sport at the University of Ljubljana aims to become one of the most reputable universities in the domestic and international arena by continuously striving for quality. This will be achieved by offering exciting study programmes, lifelong learning programmes, advanced scientific research work and the development of cutting edge technology and expert and advisory practice that gives appropriate support to sports and educational practice. The fundamental aim of the faculty is to train highly skilled graduates, who will be able to perform high-quality work, work in various fields of sports and contribute to a culture of health. The purpose of the faculty can be achieved with a competent staff employed in educational, vocational and scientific institutions who do research, cooperate internationally and use modern information technologies, combining study with research and practice, maintaining a level of quality, with advanced extracurricular activity, by attracting foreign students and renowned foreign professors, through participation in international projects and programs. The emphasis on skills and the employability of graduates is what will strengthen the Faculty’s position as well as its research and development cooperation through partnerships with the practical sphere and various institutions.