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The Faculty of Administration of the University of Ljubljana develops administrative science through research and education as well as integration into Slovenian and international practice. It has more than 50 years of experience in higher education and professional education as well as university, postgraduate and scientific programmes. Also, with the help of graduates, the Faculty constantly develops study programmes and subject content, offering students truly useful theoretical and practical knowledge to provide them the best possible education for immediate integration into business processes both in the public administration and the economic sector. The development of administrative disciplines, research, integration into domestic and international practice and the transfer of knowledge into education and training make the Faculty of Administration one of the most visible faculties in this field in Slovenia and Central and South-Eastern Europe. The competitive advantage of the study programmes at the Faculty of Administration lies in the interdisciplinary approach and in the reasonable and logical connection of knowledge, skills and research in the field of administration, organisation, law, economics, management and informatics that can be directly applied in all business systems.