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The Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana educates and trains teachers and other education experts – from preschool teachers, teachers in the first cycle of elementary school who can also receive training in teaching early English courses and teachers of fine arts to teachers qualified to teach two courses or course segments. The qualification to teach at least two courses provides an edge for graduates of the Faculty of Education, because it improves their employability and also corresponds to the practice in education. In addition to offering traditional teachers’ programmes, the Faculty of Education is the only institution in Slovenia educating in study programmes of social and special and rehabilitation education experts on inclusive education of children and adolescents with special needs for the entire spectrum of special needs, ranging from behavioural and social problems to all kinds of impairments (visual, hearing, cognitive and motor) and learning problems. Graduates of all study programmes acquire, during the course of their studies, a number of competencies of educational experts as well as general and academic competencies. The competencies include, among others: the ability of reflection and expertise to solve miscellaneous educational problems, a comprehensive consideration of children and adolescents and knowledge and understanding of features of their development as well as their differences and needs. Graduates know and understand the laws of learning and teaching in various fields and acquire a comprehensive range of specific expert skills to master their course and/or field. Study at the Faculty of Education is linked to practice through a quality partnership with educational institutions, enabling students to enhance the knowledge acquired at the faculty with practical experience and connect it to the practice under the supervision of good mentors. Links with a number of universities and university schools in Europe enable students and teachers at the Faculty of Education to visit and learn at those university schools as well as develop contemporary study programmes comparable to those elsewhere in Europe. The Faculty of Education has been developing master’s and doctoral studies for all study segments, because it is aware of the urgent need to educate top and specialised experts who would ensure the further development of the educational practice in Slovenia.