Datum objave: 11.04.2008

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

A 3-day, low-budget solution to learning how to effectively manage EU projects funded by the Seventh Framework Programme - straight-to-the-point; practical information to help you succeed.

The Junior Project Manager Summer School has been designed to help support the growing need for experienced project managers. The training will provide new entrants in the field of European project management with the skill-set needed to effectively implement EU projects. Loaded with practical workshops and assisted by leading experts, participants will gain a true understanding of not only EU funding schemes, but also the complexities of project implementation, from partner communication and Project Officer satisfaction, to financial reporting and audit survival. The Junior Project Manager Summer School is the perfect solution to fill the void between academic success and actual project experience.

Targent Groups are Junior project managers and recent graduates looking to increase their chances of success and experience in EU project management and give their careers the jumpstart they need to advance in the highly competitive world of European funding.

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