Datum objave: 11.06.2008

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

The European Summer Academy II is being organised again for the second year in a row. Participants at the European Summer Academy will learn the differences of FP7, CIP, LIFE+, LLP, how to identify and submit a proposal in each, experience the entire life-cycle of an FP7 project, including financial reporting and cost allocation, and will have the opportunity to enjoy the best that Lake Balaton has to offer.

This is an all inclusive training. Transportation within Hungary(to and from the airport and venue), meals (excluding dinner) and accommodation, a common dinner and a sightseeing tour are included in the course price, in addition to the course material and the personal, quality time spent with the experts at Lake Balaton.

Experienced project managers and beginners alike will learn how to search calls under the Community Programmes with examples from FP7 and CIP, develop competitive proposals and effectively manage EU projects. All sectors can benefit from EU funding opportunities, from universities to SMEs and non-profits to major corporations.

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