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Minimum yearly salary 44500 Euros, tens of opportunities in an European institution of excellence.


Science institutions of excellence in Portugal, with the support of FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology, are opening positions to contract researchers holding a PhD diploma. The objective of the Programme Ciencia2008 is to reach the number of 1000 contracted researchers with doctoral degree.

INESC Porto LA is one of the institutions recognized by FCT to benefit from such Programme. It was the Portuguese science institution with the highest degree of participation in research projects under the 6^th Framework Programme of the European Union and it is internationally recognized and an institution of excellence in a number of areas, from Power Systems to Telecommunications, from Manufacturing Systems Engineering to Optoelectronics, from Computer Science and Decision to Innovation and Technology Transfer.

INESC Porto LA is willing to receive submissions and, after curriculum review, support those of merit for the development of fundamental or applied research and technology transfer in its Units and Groups. The candidates must hold preferably a PhD diploma for more than 3 years (justified exceptions are accepted) and exhibit an excellent level, boldness, capacity do to team work and to face demanding challenges.

Working conditions at INESC Porto LA are very good and the environment is advanced and of solidarity among researchers, within a challenging atmosphere of international recognition, effort and dedication. Several benefits are offered besides the salary, to be set depending on the curriculum, having a minimum value of 44500 Euros per year.

Willing candidates must submit a Curriculum Vitae and an indication of the preferential area of work to Ms. Margarida Gonçalves (e-mail: ). They may also suggest work topics although INESC Porto LA is free to define the work plan for its researchers. Those evaluated as having interesting profiles will be contacted by Research Leaders of the institution in order to support the official application for the job positions.

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