Datum objave: 30.06.2008

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Francoska SME išče partnerje za sodelovanje na projektu za razpis AAL (Ambient Assisted Living)

A french SME specialising in medical data mining and information networks,
ITI, wishes to create the first European social-health *network*. ITI is seeking
potential partners to that end.

  • multimedia (ie. by Web, phone, mobile, TV, etc.)
  • multilingual,
  • carrying a 'quality seal'
  • providing advices, guidelines  and recommendations to persons in loss of autonomy (age, handicap, disease) and, specifically, to their helping environment (family, friends, social workers, medical professionals and paramedics, ie "the carers").

The submitted advices, guidelines and recommendations will be:

  • found in existing sources from our partners and the Web with specific algorithms
  • preanalysed/approved/qualified by way of tools and technologies (such as TextMining)
  • confirmed by their practical field use (proven track record) and easy-to-upload return of experience.

Our expertise in scientific R&D will allow us to arrange a re-distribution of information and experience (model = consumer to consumer or CtoC) thus assessed with the same criteria as those of biomedical studies.

Our models would be like:

  • Google for the intelligent management of information (a lot of information, particularly "institutional" information, is already available) to create a single window service
  • UTUBE for the social network
  • Medline and Evidence-based medicine for the qualification/validation automated by information
  • Orange for the multimedia management of technologies...

Should you express any interest in our approach and would be willing to participate with our team in this AAL project submission, either as an information or content provider, as an organisational network (professional paramedical or social carers eg) or as a technical or institutional (state, regional, etc.) or financial partner (insurance comapny, friendly society,
etc.), please inform us by replying to the present letter underlining your points of interest in the project.

We shall then return to you with more comprehensive information. Remember the closure date is 21 August 2008; prompt action is needed! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more background information on this.

Dr. Ch. Schoen


212 avenue Paul Doumer

92500 Rueil-Malmaison

Tél. (33) (0)1 41 39 88 46

Port. (33) (0)6 85 10 60 59


Philippe Uziel

Ingénieur conseil


14, rue Anatole France

92800 Puteaux


+33 (0)6 09 39 61 39 (gsm)