Datum objave: 04.08.2008

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

Francosko podjetje išče partnerje za sodelovanje na evropskem projektu AAL na temo samostojnega življenja in vključevanja.

A french SME HYPTIQUE is looking for partners in order to prepare a european project:

The purpose of the PHARE digital project is to undertake the full design process of a specialized mobile digital assistant for persons with intellectual disabilities in order to optimize their independence in daily life (summary of the project here http://room.projectcoordinator.net/main.php/PHARE%20digital%20project%20summ ary%20v2.pdf?fileitem=1933353).

They are currently looking for PDA/phone industrial partners willing to apply with us to calls of the FP7 Research & Development programme of the european community, challenge 7 "Independent Living and inclusion"


For more information please contact:  

Vicente Sanchez-Leighton,


13, cité Joly, 75011

Paris, FRANCE,

mobile : 33 6 70 15 52 45,

e-mail :