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ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-summit on ‘European competitiveness and well-being through ICT-based innovation’

This summit is organised as part of the ARTEMISIA Annual Event and the ITEA 2 Symposium.  The ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-summit will take place in the congress centre “de Doelen” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 22 and 23 October 2008. It is the very first co-ordinated event of ITEA 2 and ARTEMISIA.

The Co-summit offers an Exhibition of over 40 high-end projects. Beside the exhibition, presentations will include industrial and political viewpoints on the theme and the role of ARTEMISIA & ITEA 2. Furthermore there will be parallel sessions for participants to join on practical ICT-based approaches to real challenges in society and economy.

Topics of the parallel sessions:

  • Creative industries: where design meets technology
  • Model-driven design for embedded systems
  • Software engineering for embedded systems
  • Web of objects
  • Healthcare services

For more Information go to the special Website.

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