Datum objave: 22.04.2007

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

Title: IT support for virtual lifelong learning centres

Type Details: The project is aimed to develop a model and a respective set of software to support core activities of virtual lifelong learning centres (LLLC). LLLC will serve as one-stop centre by integrating information and guidance. The project will allow the user to overcome institutional barriers - fragmented supply of learning opportunities. LLLC will enable universities and other educational institutions to present structured information on their educational services in a standardized format. On the other hand, LLLC will enable prospective learners to conduct search of lifelong learning services, to compare services offered by various educational institutions and to select the most appropriate learning opportunities which match learners' needs, aspirations and styles. LLLC should implement procedures to support interaction of institution with prospective learners (enquiry, applications and enrolment system). In addition LLLC will provide direct access to educational institutions' portals thus allowing continuous interaction with learners to deliver training.

Project deliverables include: LLLC model concept and component structure; LLLC and educational institution integration model; standards for description of educational service and competence; standards for classification of educational services and competences; methodological, architectural and technological approaches to enable to unify the procedure of LLLC and educational institution integration; the set of software to support LLLC core activities (portal-based solution) and to integrate institutions into the network of virtual lifelong learning centres. The standards will enable to assess quality of educational services and to ensure comparability of services offered by various institutions. In order to increase cost-effectiveness the project will investigate opportunity to use EU standards, products and solutions.

Programme: FP7-ICT, FP7-SSH

Target Partner’s Expertise: The requested Partners should have skills and competencies in various aspects of establishment and operation of lifelong learning centres, networking of universities and other educational institutions, integrated delivery of educational services in a transparent and coherent manner, formulation of structured description of educational services and competences according to the respective EU standards, IT support for core activities of lifelong learning centres.

Organisation Details

Name: FORS - Development Center
Department: IT Consulting Department
Address: Trifonovski tupik 3 Moscow 129272 RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Contact Person: BERESNEVA, Ekaterina, analyst, FORS - Development Centre, http://www.fors.ru/
Contact: Telephone: +7-495-7877040, Fax: +7-495-7877047