Objavljen je priročnik Myer W. Morron’s new FP7 ICT Book, ki nadgrajuje zelo uveljavljena priročnika FP5 in FP6 podjetja EFPConsulting Ltd.

Datum objave: 21.04.2007

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

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The downloadable book continues to be free as it was in the previous framework programs. The book is constantly updated and registered users are notified of important changes and updates by Email.
The book is 199 pages long and covers subjects such as:
·          Background to changes in FP7
·          Overview of rules of participation
·          Benefits of participation in a Collaborative R&D project
·          Reasons not to participate
·          Brief Overview of Framework Program Seven and CIP
·          FP7 Funding Schemes (Types of Projects)
·          Framework Program Seven changes
·          Partner Search
·          Proposal preparation and submittal
·          What to do if your Proposal Fails
·          Project Roles
·          Financial Aspects
·          Use of External Consultants
·          What to do when your proposal is to be funded
·          Consortium Agreement
·          Problems during the project
·          Project Management
·          Project Ethics and Good Practice
·          European Technology Platforms
·          Ethical Considerations in FP7
·          SME Status
·          Intellectual Property Aspects
·          How to write a proposal

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