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Possible Slovenian participation to a new EU project: "Meeting Customer's Expectations for Rail Travel" – EU

UIC - International Community of Railways - Research Coordination Group, is searching for possible partners for UIC led project on Meeting Customers' Expectations for Rail Travel - Call for Proposals SST.2007.5.2.1. As soon as they would have the necessary partners together, to get started, they would like to set up a core group to brainstorm about a proposal for this new project to be.

They shall look at the previous work in this field and the text of the FP7 work program and see how they can proceed from there and what kind of experts they would need to cover the field and in the end to satisfy the European Commission' external evaluators and come up with a strong proposal and a strong consortium. There will be a maximum grant of 4 M€ from the side of the European Commission.

Besides railway operators as members of a consortium, they also need other experts to cover this field of research. You can see the types of experts they need from the bold letters in the text of the expected research below. For instance, keeping in mind the focus of the expected situation in the year 2020 they would surely need someone able to predict the technological possibilities in the future which will make travel by rail more attractive to users/passengers. Perhaps they would need somebody with a medical background, knowledgeable on the subject of elderly users...... As it concerns door to door travel, they also need expertise from other forms of public transport like buses, trams, metro etc. Anything that could help make rail transport more pleasant for travellers/passengers.

Dennis Schut
senior research advisor, UIC - Brussels

Here is the text from the FP7 work program:


Improving the competitiveness of transport industries, ensuring sustainable, efficient and affordable transport services and creating new skills and job opportunities by research and developments. Technologies for advanced industrial processes will include design, manufacturing, assembly, construction and maintenance and will aim at decreasing life cycle costs and development lead-times. Emphasis will be placed on innovative product concepts and improved transport services ensuring higher customer satisfaction. New production organisation including the supply chain management and distribution systems will be developed.

SST.2007.5.2.1 Meeting Customers’ Expectations for Rail Travel

The research will determine the changes necessary to the railway system to meet future expectations by passengers of the quality of their journey from origin to destination. Various factors including affluence and ageing will change passenger expectations of journeys, and by 2020 it is anticipated that many aspects of today’s journey will no longer be considered attractive to the user in the decade commencing 2020.

Activities will include:

Identification of physical factors such as ease of access at origin, interchanges and destination, importance of protection from climate and also assurance of personal security at points of interchange. Information and ticketing processes including access to information on journey possibilities and timetable for the integrated system, journey purchase and reservation. User-friendly way-finding, both traditional, such as signage and audio/visual announcements, and potential new technical opportunities such as personal GPS/Galileo applications.

Identification of gaps between future passenger requirements in the above areas and the characteristics of the current railway system (both physical and information aspects) and then identify the specific areas requiring technological research and development.
The research we lead to a documented, prioritised understanding of the factors influencing choice of rail as part of a multi modal journey from initial origin to the ultimate destination, segmented by market and journey types will be achieved.

Funding scheme: Collaborative Projects small or medium scale (up to 4 Million Euro EC contribution).