Datum objave: 22.04.2007

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

Na Univerzi v Ljubljani smo prejeli ponudbo za sodelovanje s strani Katalonske fundacije za raziskave in inovacije. Gre za nepridobitno organizacijo, ki jo financirajo največja španska podjetja in deželna vlada Katalonije, nahaja pa se v Barceloni.

The Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation is a private non-profit entity funded by main Spanish companies so as the Catalan Government and it is located in Barcelona, Spain. Its main role is to disseminate and promote scientific results amongst Catalan civil society and advice Catalan Government with regard research and innovation policy at regional level. It is a key actor in this policy in Catalan society. Moreover, it is in permanent contact with key actors of research and innovation policies at regional, local and also at national level in order to create synergies amongst Universities and SME's so as civil society in scientific matters. We are already working on different EU projects in several matters (VI FP, INTERREG amongst others) so as national ones.

We look for projects basically in exchange mobility scheme. We can put in contact those interested such as students to know more about any issue related to research, innovation and somehow technology proceedings in Catalan companies or to any other related to Science dissemination matters. We could contact and prepare for them study visits in Catalan companies about this issue or another linked to innovation and improvement or creating synergies amongst economic and academic actors.

Otherwise, any other option could be interesting.

Manuel Laporta, European Projects Unit

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