Datum objave: 22.12.2008

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

We would like to inform you of an international networking event organised by PIRAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and three other Finnish universities of applied sciences in Brussels on Wednesday January 21, 2009.

The theme of the event is Connecting Theory and Practise – R&D in Universities of Applied Sciences. The event consists of two sessions. In the morning session, invited speakers address the issue of role of practically oriented research and development in higher education institutions in Europe while the workshop sessions in the afternoon allow for more detailed reflection on various themes such as co-operation with working life and exchange of good practises.

The objective of the event is to offer an open forum for discussion on the role of applied research and development in the European education system. One basis for these discussions is set by an introductory presentation of a benchmarking project run by four Finnish universities of applied sciences where the research and development activities and their organisation were compared between Finland and three European universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

We hereby cordially invite all interested stakeholders to participate in the event, to network and to exchange experiences and good practises.

Please feel free to inform your staff of this event. The event itself is free of charge but the participants will have to cover their travelling costs (flights, accommodation) themselves.

The registration ends on Friday January 9, 2009. The programme and the online registration form can be found on the website of the event: