Datum objave: 12.01.2009

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Konferenca: Creating an e-Freight Roadmap for Freight Transport Logistics, 17. februar 2009, Bruselj

DG TREN, on behalf of the European Commission and in line with the 2007 Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan, wants to establish a roadmap for the development of an integrated ICT application that is capable of following the movement of goods into, out-of and around the Union. This concept is entitled e-Freight and will operate within and across modes.

A key determinant of efficiency of freight logistics is the capability to draw maximum benefit from information and communication technologies. In this, e-Freight denotes the vision of a paper-free, electronic flow of information associating the physical flow of goods with a paperless trail built by information and communication technologies.

It includes the ability to track and trace freight along its journey across transport modes and to automate the exchange of content-related data for regulatory or commercial purposes.

The conference aims to explore the commercial and policy opportunities that the implementation of e-freight can bring and thereby kick-start the roadmap for its application.

Speakers include:

  • the EU Commissioner for Transport, Vice President Tajani
  • the Director for the Trans-European Transport Network and Co-Modality, Mr. Jonathan Scheele,
  • Leading IATA representatives showing how eFreight works in the air freight sector,
  • Representatives from transport and logistics sector (to provide expectations for a European e-Freight initiative, systems/constraints to take into account).

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