Datum objave: 25.03.2009

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The FP7 Coach v3.1.0 is now available!

The FP7 Coach is written to help you with preparing and managing your projects for the Seventh Framework Programme. The Commission tells you "what" to do; The FP7 Coach explains you "how" to do it.

A self-education concept, The FP7 Coach makes clear how to prepare and submit a proposal that will maximise your chances. Also, this eBook will further help you to carry out complex matters such as negotiations and project management.

The FP7 Coach is a unique eBook with a PDF "look and feel", compiled with hyperlinks and bookmarks, and with search options for easy and quick navigation.  Regular updates and extensions are published - the current version 3.1.0 contains close to 1000 pages full of practical examples, checklists, tables and flow charts to guide and support .

Visit www.fp7coach.eu for more information.  You can download the TOC, and sample pages, or take a virtual tour.