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Informativni dan ter »brokerage« srečanje za razpis FP7 TRANSPORT, 28. In 29. September 2009, Bruselj

Within the Framework of the FP7 Information Days for Transport (28th and 29th September 2009, Brussels), the project ETNA is organising a networking and brokerage event focussing on the topics covered by the current round of proposals published on the 30th of July:

Main Calls for Proposals




FP7-SUSTAINABLE SURFACE TRANSPORT (SST)-2010-RTD-1 (including the "European Green Cars Initiative")




Joint Calls for Proposals:

"Sustainable automotive electrochemical storage": FP7- 2010-GC-ELECTROCHEMICAL STORAGE
"The Ocean of Tomorrow": FP7-OCEAN-2010

The networking and brokerage event will take place on the second day of the FP7 Information Days (29th of September) in the same building: Charlemagne, rue de la Loi 170. Attached you will find a draft agenda of the event.

During the networking and brokerage event, participants looking for partners will be given the opportunity to present their organisations and ideas for project proposals in two different ways:

  • In written form using templates specially designed for this purpose (see the corresponding attachments to this e-mail). Ideas for project proposals and profiles of organisations submitted prior to the event will be displayed on pin boards for all participants to read. Parties interested in cooperating will be encouraged to leave behind a business card for the author of the document in question.
  • In the form of a brief oral presentation

Participation in the networking and brokerage event is free. For logistical reasons, ETNA requests all participants to register for the event online at the following address: http://www.kpk.gov.pl/en/hr/zapisy/en/506.html. Deadline for registration is the 15th of September 2009.

Project ideas and profiles of organisations to be displayed on the pin boards should be sent to both of the following addresses: ,  . Deadline for submission is also the 15th of September.

For security reasons, registration for participation in the FP7 Information Days for Transport is a pre-requisite for participation in the networking and brokerage event. Information about this event – including an on-line registration form – can be found at the following address: http://ec.europa.eu/research/transport/events/infodays2009_en.html. Participants in the networking and brokerage event will not be given access to the venue without confirmed registration for participation in the Information Days.

On behalf of the entire ETNA consortium, I kindly ask you to spread this information about the networking and brokerage event within your national research communities. All relevant information about the event can be found on the ETNA webpage: http://www.transport-ncps.net/node/91


David Doerr

German National Contact Point for Surface Transport

and ETNA Coordinator

Am Grauen Stein 33, 51105 Cologne (Germany)

T +49 221 806-4156

F +49 221 806-3496

A research institution in South Africa, with Framework Programme experience in freight transport, is in search of potential partners in the process of preparing proposals for the following topics:

- Carbon footprint of freight transport p62 (SST.2010.1.1-1)

- Efficient interfaces between transport modes p68 (SST.2010.2.1-2)

- Development and promotion of best practices in freight logistics p69 (SST.2010.2.1-3)

- Demonstration project for the rail freight network p70 (SST.2010.2.1-4)

The contact person in Dr Esbeth Van Dyk reachable at

Please circulate to your relevant contacts.

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