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We are very proud to present you the unique services of ScienceCo (www.scienceco.eu, currently this site is in redesign).

ScienceCo is a private company bridging the gap between scientists at PhD level and the jobs offered to this niche target group all over Europe (and beyond).

We fulfill this mission with the help of a network of partners (universities, research organizations, scientific associations and societies, laboratories, agencies specialized in human resources, etc.) cooperating to find the right PhD scientist our client is looking for.

ScienceCo is only focused & specialized in these high profiles (PhDs or equivalent by experience) and works totally independent from any partner.

The concept we use, is very successful since 1996 in Belgium within our befriend company Alprocor (www.alprocor.com).

We invite you to become part of this network, completely free of charge.

You will then automatically receive all our job offers. In that way we help you to improve the career development of your scientists/researchers. The idea is that you spread these job offers within your network of contacts (colleagues, senior and junior PhDs) and to put them “ad valvas” in your university.

We sign an exclusive contract with our client, so your efforts will be definitely worthwhile!

(*) We currently have the following vacancies:

  • 1 PHD: Senior R&D Specialist/Technical Leader Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • 1 PHD: R&D Scientist/Expert Catalysis-related Chemistry
  • 1 PHD: Research Engineer Fibers and Composite Materials

Feel free to contact us if you have questions!
We are looking forward to a long, fruitful and correct cooperation,
Dirk Boen (MSc Applied Engineering) and Ronny Van Haesbroeck (MSc Engineering).

Tel: +32 2 400 75 10, Fax: +32 2 400 75 13
home page: http://www.scienceco.eu