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ESPON 2013 Programme   is pleased to announce the Info Day on New Calls and Partner Café. This event will take place on 18 May 2010 in Brussels.

The Info Day will focus on the presentation of the content specifications and eligibility criteria of the new Calls that will open on 3 May 2010 and include:

  • two Applied Research Projects (1- European seas in territorial development and 2- Indicators and perspectives for services of general interest in territorial cohesion and development),
  • several Targeted Analyses (more information will be available soon at the ESPON Website),
  • Transnational Networking Activities by the ESPON Contact Point network.

The purpose of the event is two-fold:

  • to present the new Calls for Proposals including the new funding opportunities and the conditions for applying;
  • to promote networking possibilities between potential project partners and to inspire new projects on the main topic proposed for the event.

The European Commission and the Spanish EU Presidency will present the policy demand behind the need for further ESPON results.

The event is open for all potential beneficiaries interested in learning more about opportunities for taking part in ESPON project activities and in applying for the funds to the ESPON 2013 Programme. It will welcome policy makers, scientists, representatives of universities, research institutes and companies around Europe.

In the afternoon, the event includes an ESPON Partner Café creating a forum for dialogue between potential project partners. The ESPON Partner Café is an opportunity to meet partners for setting up Transnational Project Groups aiming at submitting proposals for ESPON projects.

Please find enclosed the preliminary programme. For more information and to register, please visit the ESPON website:


Deadline for registration is 6 May 2010 at 15h00.

In this context, I would appreciate your cooperation in taking an active role in order to disseminate the event and the ESPON Calls widely using your contacts and networks. Please also feel free to distribute this invitation to your colleagues, partners and organisations interested in the ESPON Calls.

Should you have any questions concerning the event, please do not hesitate to contact the ESPON Coordination unit at .



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Project Expert Communication and Capitalisation

ESPON Coordination Unit


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