Datum objave: 16.06.2010

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

This 2-day intensive training course designed to provide FP7 project coordinators with the skills needed to successfully implement FP7 projects; personal interaction between participants and Europe's leading project coordinators provides efficiency that other programmes are unable to match.

As Coordinator of an FP7 project you face many challenges day by day. Negotiating the Grant Agreement with the EC can be very demanding and getting the Consortium Agreement finalized extremely stressful. Partners do not always meet the expectations of the Coordinator, often submitting documents late or incomplete. Deadlines are strict and surprises before an EC review are not welcome. Avoiding bottlenecks, communicating clearly and following procedure is essential for successful coordination. The FP7 Project Coordination course helps ensure that coordinators are capable of implementing FP7 projects with the best results and the least possible headaches. Additionally, we offer extra insight into how to properly and efficiently handle EC and partner communication.

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