Datum objave: 16.06.2010

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

Delavnica: Evaluation and Negotiation of FP7/CIP projects, 4. Novemeber 2010, Budimpešta

The Evaluation and Negotiation of FP7/CIP projects is a 1-day course designed to explain the thinking method of evaluators and EC officials during the evaluation and negotiation procedures and give tips on how to use that knowledge during the project development and implementation.

What the evaluators look for in your proposal? How to highlight the main messages and hide the gaps? What to do if the EC wants to change your original proposal or cut your budget? This one-day course will give practical tips and improve your chances of success.

The course targets all those who want to participate more successfully in FP7 and CIP projects. Experienced project managers and beginners alike will strengthen their project development and management skills.

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