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Konferenca ICT2010, 27-29 september v Bruslju, in organizirana projektna borza za 7. IKT razpis

Posredujem vam spodnje obvestilo o organizaciji projektne borze in pomoči pri iskanju partnerjev za projektne predloge za 7. IKT razpis. Projektna borza bo potekala dne 28. septembra v Bruslju v okviru ICT2010 konference. Registracija v sistem iskanja partnerjev bo možna že od konca junija.

Vsem, ki se v prihodnjem letu nameravate prijaviti na razpise IKT 7OP priporočamo udeležbo konference ICT2010, kjer bo med drugim Evropska komisija tudi predstavila prihodnje aktivnosti in razpise. Konferenca bo potekala od 27. do 29. septembra v Bruslju.

Dear Ideal-ist friends, disseminators and promoters:

we want to inform you, that Ideal-ist, the worldwide ICT support network  is initiating an international Brokerage Event on the 28th of September 2010 in Brussels in cooperation with EEN, Enterprise Europe Network.

This Brokerage Event: FIND your ICT PATNERS face2face  is organised within the ICT Conference 2010 (http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/events/ict/2010/ ) and aims
to make research, innovation and business communities aware of funding opportunities offered by the Framework Programmes of the European Union and
to foster potential co-operations through dedicated networking activities, such as the offered face2face meetings.

This Networking Event will target a wide spectrum of companies, universities and researchers from Europe and all over the world interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration partners and will be focused on all challenges open in the new ICT work programme 2011 - 12 for ICT Call 7.

Online Registration will be open by end of June!

Please find more information here: http://www.ideal-ist.net/events/find_ictpartners_f2f/

By filling in your profile you will not only promote your organisation and expertise at international forum, you can :

-       promote collaboration offers/request

-       get in touch with other proposer

-       book meeting with potential partner on-line

-       participate in this or other events

-       present, discuss and develop new project ideas for ICT in a cross-border environment and pursue business opportunities and

-       plan pre-scheduled meetings at this event

The particpation at this Face2Face Event will allow you to personally present yourself, your organisation and your cooperation ideas as a first step to any future project or collaboraions and you can meet a lot of cooperation partners in a single day.

Thank you in advance for further distributing these information.

The Ideal-ist team

Susanne Formanek

Public Relations Ideal-ist2011

mail to: