Datum objave: 21.06.2010

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

In his introductory speech, University Rector Prof. Stane Pejovnik, PhD, told members of Združenje 45' (Association 45') – the first Faculty of Medicine students – that they are the generation that had an important influence on the life of Slovenian medicine. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the first enrolments in the Faculty. Conditions were difficult after the war and these doctors had additional ethical obligations to their patients. The Rector emphasised the fact that they achieved so much under such difficult conditions: they established the foundations of Slovenian medicine, which can compare with the world’s best medical practices today and even leads the way in certain fields. “With the special dedication that you have shown to your profession, you have put Slovenian medicine and its discoveries on the world map. Some of these discoveries are still resounding in the world today and your names are highly respected and valued in many medical faculties all over the world. Every small country wishes that it has great doctors like we have. We are proud of you,” the Rector said.

The current Faculty students performed songs and music at the event. It was also extremely interesting to see descriptions of the historical circumstances when the first students studied and the presentation of the lecturers of that time.


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