Datum objave: 12.10.2010

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FP7 - Financial Reporting & Audits is a 1-day course designed to comprehensively explain the requirements and practices of financial and technical reporting, financial audits and technical reviews in order to easily survive all of them.

In fact, EC Audits are becoming more and more common under FP7 but not every organisation involved in FP7 knows how to prepare properly for this.

The FP7 Financial Reporting and Audits course on 5th November can be a good opportunity to understand the process better and to survive audits, even years after the project's completion.

This comprehensive one day course prepares managers by addressing all the possible mistakes involved in audits and by analyzing the potential difficulties your organisation itself may face. Additionally, until 15th October, you can also benefit from a special Early Bird rate.

For further information visit www.eutrainingsite.com/82 or open the attached brochure.

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