Electronic speckle pattern interferometers incorporating holographic optical elements

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Dublin Institute of Technology

Electronic speckle pattern interferometers incorporating holographic optical elements

Contact Person

TOAL, Vincent (Prof.)
Dublin Institute of Technology

Telephone: +35-314-024560
Fax: +35-314-024988


Project Proposal

Title: Electronic speckle pattern interferometers incorporating holographic optical elements

Type Details: We are a research centre working on holography and holographic recording materials including photopolymers and their applications. We are developing holographic sensors. We are also developing compact speckle interferometers in which optical components are replaced by holographic optical elements (HOEs). Our compact instrument consists of a diode laser and a very small CMOS camera and HOEs. It operates under laptop control in a LabView environment for vibration analysis and static load testing. Patent applications have been filed.
We have experience in project management and training of early stage and experienced researchers.
We have 5 laboratories equipped with lasers and optical components as well as smaller laboratories for materials preparation. We have access to a wide range of microscopy and spectroscopy equipment.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-SME

Expiry Date: 2012-02-09

Target Partner

Expertise: We seek industrial and academic partners to partner us in taking our technolgies to the next and further stages of industrial development.SMEs and academic research groups with interests in vibration monitoring and analysis, interferometry, holography and holographic devices are sought.
SMEs with interests in design and manufacture of speckle interferometers and vibrometers are sought as partners to help us develop our system for industrial applications.

Organisation Details

Dublin Institute of Technology

Name: Dublin Institute of Technology

Department: Centre for Industrial and Engineering Optics


Address: Dublin Institute of Technology
Kevin Street

Dublin   8 IRELAND

Type: Education; Technology transfer; Research

Number of Employees: > 500

Keywords: ESPI;vibration analysis;optical non-destructive testing ;holography;photopolymers;sensors

RCN: 86732

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