Economic evaluation of livestock and agro-industrial wastes for energy production

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University Politecnica Marche

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FINCO, Adele (Prof)
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University Politecnica Marche
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Project Proposal

Title: Economic evaluation of livestock and agro-industrial wastes for energy production

Type Details: Over the last years, interest to protect environment from pollution due to livestock and agro-industrial waste and the need to enhance and manage manure, vegetable waste both from agriculture (such as crop residues, pruning waste, etc.) and agro-industry (vegetable and fruit wastes, slaughter waste, etc.) have grown in Europe.
The objective of the present project is to assess the potential of an determined area in terms of livestock manure and agro-industrial waste and the possibility to re-use them in agriculture and for energy production.
The aim is to create an economic value for them, minimizing their environmental impact.
The research will concern:
- Livestock and agro-industrial waste estimation of a determined territory;
- The analysis of the possible re-use as fertilizer in relation to different climatic and soil conditions and regulatory constraints;
- Organization and logistics of biomass (networks);
- Process of transformation of biomass in biogas plants/wood chips for energy (electricity, heat and bio-methane)
- Environmental impact of output and receptivity of territories.
The project can be realized through different methodological approaches such as mapping and spatial analysis models, multi-criteria analysis, cost-benefit analysis and economic feasibility.
Our Expertise: Agricultural and Resources Economics - Economic and Environmental Valuations of agronergy sector

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-ENERGY, FP7-ENVIRONMENT, FP7-KBBE

Expiry Date: 2012-04-05

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Expertise: Universities and Private Company

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University Politecnica Marche

Name: University Politecnica Marche

Department: Dep. SAIFET - Agricultural and Resources Economics

Region: CENTRO (I)

Address: via Brecce Bianche 60131 Ancona - Italy

Ancona   60131 ITALY

Type: Research

Keywords: Biogas ;Agro wastes;renewable energy;Sustainability;Economic Evaluation

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