Informal Media Economies

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Center for Media Research and Education

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BODó, Balázs (Mr.)
Assitant Professor
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Center for Media Research and Education
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Fax: +36-146-32410


Project Proposal

Title: Informal Media Economies

Type Details: Our proposal aims to establish 'informal media economies' , an interdisciplinary framework that provides a common platform for studying a wide range of small scale, self-organising communities in which the collective production, dissemination, and consumption of culture is enhanced by emerging networked, digital media technologies. Under this term we propose to explore common threads in a number of previously distinct research areas (1) the file-sharing networks within which movies, music, and books circulate online, (2) the webs of small scale entrepreneurship within urban alternative cultural scenes, (3) Individual practices, motivations, values and rewards in informal and formal media economies. We believe that such a conceptual reframing of these areas of inquiry provides a way to move beyond the limitations of the discourses - intellectual property legislation, subcultural theory, urban policy, etc. - in which they are usually investigated and ask a more complex set of questions about how culture is created, remixed, revived and lived through in the everyday lives of contemporary collectivities. The main themes around which our inquiry is organized are: Collective norms, Common-pool resources, Self-governance structures, Sources of motivation, Cultural consumption, Informal economies, Legalities and policies.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7, FP7-ICT

Expiry Date: 2012-03-03

Workprogramme area(s)

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.1.5) Networked media

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.1.6) New paradigms and experimental facilities

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.4) Digital libraries and content

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.6.2) ICT for cooperative systems

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.7.2) Accessible and inclusive ICT

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.8) Future and emerging technologies

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.8.0) FET Open

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.8.4) Science of complex systems for socially intelligent ICT

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.8.6) ICT forever yours

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.9.1) International cooperation

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.4.1) Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.4.3) Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning (ICT-2007.4.3)

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.4.2) Intelligent content and semantics (ICT-2007.4.2)

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.4.4) Intelligent content and semantics (ICT-2007.4.4)

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.9.2) International cooperation (ICT-2007.9.2)

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.9.4) Strengthening cooperation in ICT R&D in an enlarged Europe

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009-C) FET Open scheme

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.8.4) FET proactive 4: Human-Computer Confluence

(FP7-ICT ICT 2009.1.6) Future Internet Experimental Facility and Experimentally-driven Research

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.9.5) Supplements to Strengthen Cooperation in ICT R&D in an Enlarged Europe

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.8.0) Future and Emerging

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.4.2) Technology-Enhanced Learning

(FP7-ICT ICT-2011.1.5) Networked Media and Search Systems

(FP7-ICT ICT-2011.1.6) Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) (a),(d)

(FP7-ICT ICT-2011.5.5) ICT for smart and personalised inclusion

(FP7-ICT ICT-2011.5.6) ICT Solutions for governance and policy modelling

(FP7-ICT ICT-2011.10.3) International Partnership building and support to dialogues (a)

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.4.1) Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation.

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.6.2) ICT for Mobility of the Future.

(FP7-ICT ICT-2010.10) Contribution of the ICT Theme to Public-Private Partnerships for R&D in the European Economic Recovery Plan

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.8.9) Coordinating Communities, Plans and Actions in FET Proactive Initiatives

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.1.1) The Network of the Future

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.1.5) Networked Media and 3D Internet

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.9.1) International Cooperation

(FP7-ICT ICT-2009.7.3) ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling

Target Partner

Organisation Details

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Center for Media Research and Education

Name: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Center for Media Research and Education

Department: Department of Sociology and Communications


Address: H-1111 Budapest
Egry J. út 1.

Budapest   1111 HUNGARY

Type: Research; Education

Number of Employees: > 500

Keywords: media;piracy;copyright;norms;communities;governance;motivation;urban

RCN: 86812

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Update Date: 2011-03-09