RecycCirc ( Recycling service and archive of printed circuit board designs )

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Mikkelin ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

RecycCirc ( Recycling service and archive of printed circuit board designs )

Contact Person

ROSSI, Markku (M.Sc ( Eng.))
Research Director, eServices
Mikkelin ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
Telephone: +35-840-0544876
Fax: +35-815-336013


Project Proposal

Title: RecycCirc ( Recycling service and archive of printed circuit board designs )

Type Details: We want to create a service that sells parts of existing printed circuit board designs. We also want to use semantic technologies in the service and build a real digital archive for the printed circuit board design database. The yearly volume of designing layouts of printed circuits boards is 15 billion Euros in Europe. Our service is able to raise the efficiency of work in 10% of this field, in a 1,5 billion Euro sector. The expected benefit in efficiency is 100% representing a yearly business potential 500 million Euros for the service. We provide CAD file format conversions. We enable to prevent sales of designs to direct competitors. We manage the IPR issues together with the IPR owners. The compatibility levels are :
* integrated circuit or component package level
* package and component type level
* main component and its common peripheral circuits level
* different numbers of copper layers
* different board vertical dimensions.
The companies owning designs can get new sales income. The companies re-using existing designs increase their efficiency and shorten their R&D cycle. The Digital Archive for Databases solution can be used to many other applications after the project.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-ICT

Expiry Date: 2011-05-01

Target Partner

Expertise: * An Electronics Contract Manufacturer ( ECM ) registered to the EU or to an FP7 Partner Country.
* A company with hundreds of electronic devices or modules in their product range.
* SMEs that own a lot of IPR in printed circuit board designs.
* Internet service and electronic commerce companies for the b2b market
* A university. Has published PhD dissertations about Digital Archiving or Semantic Libraries after 2002. A co-operation relationship with a current operational Digital Archiving Service is preferred.

Organisation Details

Mikkelin ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

Name: Mikkelin ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

Department: IT-Laitos


Address: Patteristonkatu 2 PO Box 181

Mikkeli   50100 FINLAND

Type: Education

Number of Employees: 250 -

Turnover: 41.0 million euro

Keywords: recycling;printed circuit board;pcb design;EDA;archiving databases

Partners already acquired: an electronics / software SME

RCN: 79152

Quality Validation Date: 2011-01-26

Update Date: 2011-01-26