Integral Control Plan of the traffic noise in medium-sized cities

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León City Council

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VILLALóN, Cristina (Ms)
Environmental Technician
León City Council
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Project Proposal

Title: Integral Control Plan of the traffic noise in medium-sized cities

Type Details: Urban noise entails one of the major environmental problems affecting modern cities by means of its difficult solution. The control of this parameter undoubtedly brings changes in urban mobility models, as well as variations in both use and functions of public spaces.
In the city of León (NW Spain; Castilla-León Region), as in most urbanized cities, road traffic is considered to be the main responsible of environmental noise, and this circumstance drives us to assert that the environmental noise is a variable attached to the city functioning and to the mobility of the citizens.
Most of the big municipalities count on Technical Acoustic Control Departments working regularly on noise maps and Action Plans; that is to say, they have procedures and an important experience in order to manage environmental noise. But small or medium-sized cities sometimes have a lack of these resources.
Regarding the big cities, the requirements of the European Directive 2002/49/EC, of 25 June 2002, relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise, should however not end in a process compelling to a drastic modification of the actions previously carried out by nearly all of them, although some significant aspects such as the adoption of new indicators and evaluation conditions and methods are to be modified.
Therefore it is essential to provide the City Councils, above all the small and medium-sized ones, with technical and economic instruments to enable them to make use of updated cartography, traffic data, population statistics, adequate norms and information tools when reporting to the population on the noise pollution levels of the city.
In order to know the acoustic reality of a town or city is fully necessary to realize noise maps that, otherwise, are responsibility of the most populated City Councils in the specific case of Spain. In any case, and regardless of the adopted final criteria to elaborate these maps and plans, their success will depend on the capacity

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-TRANSPORT

Expiry Date: 2012-01-10

Target Partner

Expertise: Experts and technicians in charge of urban mobility, urban traffic and noise control such as Local Governments, Universities (Acoustics) and partners in the field of Sciences and Engineering.

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León City Council

Name: León City Council

Region: CENTRO (E)


Type: Other

Keywords: noise mapping;traffic noise;noise control;traffic planning

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