Virtual research environment

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University of Bolton

Virtual research environment

Contact Person

Reader in creative technologies
University of Bolton

Telephone: +44-120-4903083


Project Proposal

Title: Virtual research environment

Type Details: Other than primitive systems such as google docs, sharepoint, CVS/SVN or email, there is no tool for geographically-dispersed academic or institutional researchers to use for the joint authoring of papers. This proposal suggests devising a FOSS VRE (Free Open Source Software Virtual Research Environment) for just such a purpose.

It will make use of (in part or in whole) an existing web-based FOSS VRE called WIKINDX ( that has been written by the proposal author. Currently, the main features that WIKINDX possesses include shared bibliography management, a variety of searching methods, management of full-texts, quotations and ideas, an integrated WYSIWYG word processor and a fully-featured bibliographic and citation formatting engine (full details are available on the website above). While the bibliography is shared, the word processor can only be used by a single researcher (or logged-in user).

The proposal is to expand the functionality of the word processor so that it can be used by physically-separated teams of researchers who need to write joint publications. Additionally, other work could include more semantic-type searches, full-text searches, search and import external databases, manage researcher data (such as automatic compilations of European Academic Passports), visual representations or concept maps of the research information, integration with VLEs and so on.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-ICT, FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES

Expiry Date: 2012-01-09

Workprogramme area(s)

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.4) Digital libraries and content

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.6.2) ICT for cooperative systems

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.8.0) FET Open

(FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES INFRA-1) Support to existing research infrastructures

(FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES INFRA-1.2) ICT-based e-Infrastructures

(FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES INFRA-2) Support to new research infrastructures

(FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES INFRA-2007-2.1-01) Design studies for research infrastructures in all S&T fields

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.4.1) Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.4.3) Digital libraries and technology-enhanced learning (ICT-2007.4.3)

(FP7-ICT ICT-2007.4.4) Intelligent content and semantics (ICT-2007.4.4)

(FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES INFRA) Research Infrastructures

Target Partner

Expertise: Searching for organizations with knowledge and skills in semantics, knowledge management and representation, networks and databases, programming (PHP, javascript/AJAX).

Organisation Details

University of Bolton

Name: University of Bolton

Department: Games Computing & Creative Technologies


Address: Deane Road


Type: Education

Number of Employees: > 500

Keywords: digital library; research; co-operative publication; bibliography

RCN: 84629

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Update Date: 2011-01-11