DC systems for wind energy collection and transmission

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Staffordshire University

Contact Person

PANTELI, Tatiana (Ms)
Funding Advisor
Staffordshire University

Telephone: +44-121-678018


Project Proposal

Title: DC systems for wind energy collection and transmission

Type Details: Staffordshire University, UK has a proven track record for achieving excellence in teaching quality, developing innovative courses and for providing opportunities to study in challenging, exciting ways in the areas of science, technology, environment/sustainability and Engineering. We would like to invite a fellow for working in one of the following areas:
Three level converters for Fully fed converters for wind turbines.
DC systems for wind energy collection and transmission.
Design of di/dt reactors for the control of inrush current transients in HVDC thyristor valves.
Directional control of pulsed plasma using rotating arc principle.
Energy harvesting from rain

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-PEOPLE

Expiry Date: 2011-08-11

Target Partner

Expertise: The Fellow should hold a PhD in a relevant topic.
Research experience in a field related to the proposed research area.
An Incoming International Fellow must be a senior researcher who can make a contribution to Europe.
Carry out research, supervision of research students, contribute to postgraduate teaching and support grant applications

Organisation Details

Staffordshire University

Name: Staffordshire University

Department: The Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology


Birmingham   B1 2RA UNITED KINGDOM

Type: Research; Education

Number of Employees: 50 - 249

Keywords: wind turbines;energy;plasma