Resource efficiency on sustainable urban drainage systems size

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MORA, Consuelo
RD Project Manager
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Project Proposal

Title: Resource efficiency on sustainable urban drainage systems size

Type Details: Retention storm water tanks are effective elements to mitigate the effects of discharges caused by urban runoff in rainy weather to environmental recipient system. Its use is fairly widespread today, but there is a wide dispersion of guidelines, some of them even obsolete, for determining the optimum volume of storage. Not surprisingly, this traditional concept of drainage systems and urban sanitation has been overtaken by so-called Sustainable Urban Drainage Techniques. In these, an important element is the retention on many devices, ponds, wells, bioretention items, filtering ditches, etc. Should therefore consider a general capacity design methodology to these new infrastructures, internationalizing quantitative costs but also qualitative

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-ENERGY, FP7-ENVIRONMENT, FP7-ICT

Expiry Date: 2012-05-03

Target Partner

Expertise: Entities counting with experience at:
- Water technologies
- Wastewater biotreatment
- Economic analysis of environmental impacts
- Cost-benefit analysis (CBA)of hydraulic infraestructures, taking into account environmental costs
- Sustainable urban drainage systems
- Hydrological water process
- Others related to efficiency water management

Organisation Details


Name: Ayesa

Department: Research, Development and Innovation

Region: SUR

Address: Avda. Marie Curie, no 2

Sevilla   41092 SPAIN

Type: Other

Keywords: stormwater;waste;DMA;hydraulic;modeling;SUDS;BMP;WSUD