Polymer-bitumen emulsion

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Irkutsk State technical university

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SINITSINA, Kseniya (Ms)
Irkutsk State technical university

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Project Proposal

Title: Polymer-bitumen emulsion

Type Details: The technology of producing the proposed emulsion was elaborated by the specialists of Irkutsk state technical university (ISTU). It can be used in a wide variety of construction and repair works. Using the implemented emulsion allows to decrease period of works, lower the power inputs, weaken negative environment impact and increase life duration of road carpet.
The proposed polymer-bitumen emulsion is implemented for highway, industrial and civil engineering. The emulsion doesn't need to be warmed up, that gives the opportunity to build and repair roads under the adverse weather conditions. By turn, it substantially decreases the period of works.
The emulsion allows to increase life duration of road carpet to 4 years up. Using the proposed emulsion during manufacturing of the organic-mineral compositions allows to get the power inputs 40% down, as the rock material doesn't need to be warmed up.
There is no necessity in changing the manufacturing process when the proposed emulsion is being introduced.
The polymer-bitumen emulsion can be used in the mechanism of surface treatment joints, in priming coloring, in the mechanism of road carpet joints that are made from chad and the porous chad compositions. It also can be used in patching, making the consistent emulsion-mineral compositions, caring of the newly placed soil and concrete cement, and for damp proofing of metal and concrete products roofage.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-NMP

Expiry Date: 2012-05-05

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Irkutsk State technical university

Name: Irkutsk State technical university

Address: 664074, Russia, Irkutsk, Lermontov St., 83


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Keywords: polymer-bitumen emulsion;road carpet;highway engineering;industrial engineering