Cooperation in 7OP:Health

Datum objave: 30.05.2011

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Molecular Diagnostics Research Group (MDRG)
National University of Ireland Galway


We are prepared to join consortia in the relevant areas either as project participants or as coordinator.

Principal Investigators :
Prof Terry Smith National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Sciences (NCBES), NUI Galway
Dr Thomas Barry Department of Microbiology NUI Galway

20 years experience in development and application of molecular diagnostics tests for microbial species identification

Past 5 years
€10 million in R&D funding
filed 12 patent applications
published 16-peer reviewed papers

Our contribution to FP7 consortia:
Proprietary nucleic acid sequence targets, for the detection and identification of bacteria and fungi

New Nucleic Acid Target discovery for microbial species identification

Nucleic acid based test design and validation

Nucleic acid test platform technologies development

Fully equipped microbiology and molecular diagnostics laboratories

Project management and proposal writing

Relevant capabilities and expertise to contribute to the following calls: Health
2012.1.2-1 Development of technologies with a view to patient group stratification for personalised medicine applications
2012.2.3.0-1 Diagnostics for infectious diseases in humans


Louise O'Connor