Evropska komisija je objavila študijo o pridobivanjem sredstev za raziskovanje od dobrodelnih in človekoljubnih organizacij organizacij.

Datum objave: 31.05.2011

Kategorija: Aktualno na Univerzi

This report presents the results of the first large-scale study of philanthropic funding in European

universities in general, and specifically in support of research. It covers individual donors, charitable

trusts and foundations and private corporations, analysing the wide range of contextual and

institutional factors affecting success and failure in fundraising from philanthropic sources, the

distribution of efforts and outcomes of fundraising activities, ways in which philanthropic contributions

are used to support research, and the positive and negative impacts of receiving this source of

funding. The wealth of data gathered through this study provides a much-needed basis for any future

enquiries in the field of fundraising from philanthropy for research in European universities.