Scale-up and process optimization for industrial scale preparation of nanomaterials

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Universitat de Barcelona

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GUTIERREZ, Jose Maria (Dr.)
Universitat de Barcelona

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Project Proposal

Title: Scale-up and process optimization for industrial scale preparation of nanomaterials

Type Details: The most of processes that are proposed in literature for preparation of nanostructured materials or nanoparticles are far of being implemented at industrial scale because have not been optimised and scaled-up, in one hand, and have not foreseen recovery and recycling of raw materials not forming part of the final nanomaterial to be produced.
The aim of this project is to establish general rules for determining industrial viability nanostructured material preparation processes as function of process complexity and performance, raw materials comsumption, environmental aspects, safety, etc. In one hand, literature process proposals will be studied from the point of view of the possibilities of industrial implementation, and characteristic processes will be selected to be experimentally studied. These characteristic processes for meso-macroporous materials and for nanoparticles preparation will be experimentally optimised, and studied their scaling-up and possibilities of recovering and recycling raw materials in order to establish the general rules aim of the project.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-COOPERATION, FP7-NMP

Expiry Date: 2012-05-05

Workprogramme area(s)

(FP7-NMP NMP-1) Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies

(FP7-NMP NMP-1.2) Nanotechnologies and converging technologies

(FP7-NMP NMP-2) Materials

(FP7-NMP NMP-2.4) Advances in chemical technologies and materials processing

(FP7-NMP NMP-2.5) Using engineering to develop high performance knowledge-based materials

(FP7-NMP FoF.NMP.2010-2) Supply chain approaches for small series industrial production

Target Partner

Expertise: Small and large industries producing naostructured materials and nanoparticles
Small and large industries developing applications for nanostructured materials and nanoparticles: catalysts, membranes, coatings, etc.

Organisation Details

Universitat de Barcelona

Name: Universitat de Barcelona

Department: Colloidal System Engineering Research Group - Chemical Engineering Department

Region: ESTE

Address: Martí i Franques 1, Pl. 6

Barcelona   08028 SPAIN

Type: Education

Number of Employees: > 500

Keywords: Nanomaterial fabrication;Scale-up;Recycling raw materials;nanostructured materials;nanoparticles

RCN: 87041

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