Intellicast - Intelligent removal of cast moulds and flashing using cold cutting jets

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BHR Group Ltd

Contact Person

BUTCHER, Michael (Mr)
Commercial director
BHR Group Ltd
Telephone: +44-123-4756537
Fax: +44-123-4750074


Project Proposal

Title: Intellicast - Intelligent removal of cast moulds and flashing using cold cutting jets

Type Details: BHR Group has developed a novel direct injection system for abrasive jet cutting which allows for very precise de-flashing and cutting of a wide variety of materials of all hardness's including composites. It also permits the use of softer abrasive selections and plain water for the removal of softer materials such as moulds, cores and surface oxidation/contamination. Also the use of recyclable abrasive materials. The technology has been applied to broaching, machining and large structure cutting of metals and composites. As a cold cutting technique it does not develop a heat affected zone thereby compromising the structure of the component. The system also allows a variety of orientations of nozzle which would permit a machining centre robot to select different tools for specific operations. Unlike entrainment systems the jet can be coherent as it has no air within it and this can be enhanced with the addition of additives.
The aim would be to develop a technology and manipulation system capable of use with modern hard ceramics and alloys as well as composites and even bio-based materials.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-NMP

Expiry Date: 2012-05-06

Target Partner

Expertise: Partner's skills would need to cover:
Accurate robotic manipulation to machining quality tolerances
Casting technologies know how in order to identify the required functional specification over a wide range of applications. Also economic assessment of the operating costs.
Casting companies specialising in high accuracy hard alloy casting, and composites for demonstration of the technology.
Advanced materials companies, using ceramics and difficult to machine composite structures.
End users of castings, ceramics and composites for final component testing
Detailed analysis of material microstructures
Life cycle analysis of manufactured components

Organisation Details

BHR Group Ltd

Name: BHR Group Ltd


Address: The Fluid Engineering Centre


Type: Consultancy; Research; Industry; SME (Small or Medium sized Enterprise)

Number of Employees: 50 - 249

Turnover: 6.43 million euro

Keywords: Abrasive jet;Cold cutting;Intelligent robotics;Material recycle

RCN: 87045

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