ProTeach21 - Teachers and other Professionals in the Educational Systems in the XXIst Century

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University College Capital

Contact Person

BRoGGER JENSEN, Katja (cand.mag. ph.d.scholar)
Research Consultant
University College Capital
Telephone: +45-418-97144


Project Proposal

Title: ProTeach21 - Teachers and other Professionals in the Educational Systems in the XXIst Century

Type Details: A consortium consisting of teacher training institutions from five European countries wishes to initiate a large scale research project as an answer to an upcoming challenge under Activity 1: Growth, Employment and Competitiveness in the Cooperation, SSH work programme for 2012 (FP7).

We aim at performing a research project on the dynamics of the European educational systems covering ISCED 0-3. The study can include several levels of the educational system examining the way in which teachers, administrative staff and policy makers manage reform and change within the educational systems. The overall framework of the project is constituted by the European educational systems in the light of the European construction that is the Bologna process and the Lisbon Strategy, and the dynamics between international organisations, EU and the national governments.

The project strives to produce comparable data concerning obstacles when implementing international recommendations on educational reform within national legislation. In accordance with the Challenge the overriding purpose of the project is to understand the educational systems ability to correspond to the current and future societal changes in Europe identifying both determining potentials and obstacles. Also the project explores how the educational systems in Europe achieve the necessary flexibility to manage these changes and at the same time provide the opportunity on an individual level to acquire adequate competences to shape an identity of the European citizenship. The outcome of the research project is the development of complementary and innovative indicators to assess the situation at national and local level.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-SSH

Expiry Date: 2011-08-09

Target Partner

Expertise: The consortium has prepared a preliminary design for investigating teacher's work life. The project will create a new body of data in order to deepen our knowledge on the primary and secondary school teacher's work life. The study will investigate the factors influencing job retention, the professional development and the organizational learning in relation to current societal changes and continual change within educational systems and policies.

We seek partners with complementary research interests and competences who can contribute by creating the overall structure for such a large scale project which must include at least 7 countries.

Organisation Details

University College Capital

Name: University College Capital

Department: Centre for Applied Research and Development

Kobenhavn og Frederiksberg Kommuner

Address: Buddinge Hovedgade 80

Soborg   2860 DENMARK

Type: Research; Education

Number of Employees: > 500

Turnover: 103.72 million euro

Partners already acquired: Preliminary partners on the teacher dimension:
- University College UCC, Denmark
- University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam, The Netherlands
- Tallin University, Estonia
- University of Gävle, Sweden
- Thurgau University of Teacher Education, Switzerland
- University of Applied Sciences of North Western Switzerland, Switzerland
- Teacher Training School for Italian Speaking Switzerland, Switzerland

Potential new partners are coming up from Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, Italy.

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Update Date: 2011-05-12