mobile assistance for the blinds and visually impaired

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Project-ray Ltd.

Contact Person

Project-ray Ltd.
Telephone:              +97-254-6817316        +97-254-6817316


Project Proposal

Title: mobile assistance for the blinds and visually impaired

Type Details: Project-RAY is working on the development of an inovative mobile platform to assist blinds people and the visually impaired community in thier daily task.
The product is based on an industry standard smartphone platform and a modified version of Android OS.

The product and service is based on the creation of a ne user interface layer that replaces the native UI of Android OS.
The new UI is built for a complete eye-free operations and simplify the use of functions and capabilities.
The new OS provides API for external developers to fit thier application within the new UI framework.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-ICT

Expiry Date: 2012-05-16

Target Partner

Expertise: Experties in mobility, development of mobile applications and the internals of Android OS.

We are looking to cooperate on the development of additional capabilities in the areas of navigation, indoor tracking, object identification, image recognition, remote assistance and more.
Release a first version of the product in early 2012.
Continue to enhance the offering with additional applications during 2012 and 2013

Organisation Details

Project-ray Ltd.

Name: Project-ray Ltd.

Address: 53 Yehuda Anasi St.

Ramat Asharon   47293 ISRAEL

Type: SME (Small or Medium sized Enterprise)

Number of Employees: 10 - 49

Turnover: 0.0 million euro

Keywords: blinds;visually impaired;mobility;smartphone;android;navigation;object recognition

RCN: 87075

Quality Validation Date: 2011-05-16

Update Date: 2011-05-19