Smart grids planning and operation

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Universita di Palermo

Contact Person

RIVA SANSEVERINO, Eleonora (Prof.)
Chancellor's delegate for the European Charter and Code for Researchers
Universita di Palermo
Telephone: +39-091-6615262


Project Proposal

Title: Smart grids planning and operation

Type Details: Expertise in the field of energy efficiency in smart grids, telecommunications and control issues for efficient coordination of energy resources in modern distribution systems. Optimization of planning and dispatch of energy resources.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7

Expiry Date: 2012-05-21

Target Partner

Expertise: Any partner that would co-operate on the subject of smart grids. Partners with previous expertise in FP7 projects are welcome.

Organisation Details

Universita di Palermo

Name: Universita di Palermo

Department: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica Elettronica e delle Telecomunicazioni


Address: viale delle Scienze
edificio 9

Palermo   90128 ITALY

Type: Research; Education; Technology transfer

Number of Employees: > 500

Keywords: optimization;energy efficiency;energy saving;environmental/economic dispatch;smartgrids

RCN: 87093

Quality Validation Date: 2011-05-21

Update Date: 2011-05-24