A New Transportable-Hyperbaric-Oxigenate Machine to Preserve Liver to be Transplanted

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University of Ferrara

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RUBBINI, Michele (Prof)
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University of Ferrara

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Project Proposal

Title: A New Transportable-Hyperbaric-Oxigenate Machine to Preserve Liver to be Transplanted

Type Details: The preservation of liver to be transplanted has currently obtained by static cold storage at 4C° and flushing it with solution UW. There are under consideration new methods of preservation that are taken advantage of machines for continuous hypotermic perfusion of the organ. Such machines have permittei the lengthening of the times of preservation and the use of livers coming from non heart-beating donors. Wanting to eliminate the damages from hypothermia, to lengthen the times of preservation, to widen the availability of the livers to be transplanted using also those subordinates to short periods of warm ischaemia, we have constructed a transportable machine that realizes a hyperbaric atmosphere and that it concurs for continuous perfusion of the liver. Ten livers of pig withdrawn from heart beating donors have been perfused with solution of Ringer in hyperbaric conditions with oxygen at T ranged between 10 and 25C° until 24 hours and study by means of histopathological analysis and test of mythocondrial activity (FAU) in order to verify the cellular vitality. The group of livers perfused until 15 hours has shown a value FAU of 169.40±5.6 regarding the value of the non perfused livers (control) established in 100 and those perfused to 24 hours of 139.18±10.7 with respect to the controls estabilished in 100, to testimony of the cellular vitality. Now we are approacing the second step regarding.1) the animal to animal perfused liver transplantation ; 2) the electronicl and mechanical updating of the machine ( using disposable parts );3) Updating the perfusion solution to be used to preserve liver inside the machine

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7-HEALTH

Expiry Date: 2012-05-26

Target Partner

Expertise: Electronical and mechanical. We need to change some parts of the machine so that we can use disposable box for the liver stay
Biochemical . We need to update the perfusion solution because we perfond the liver at 20-22 C° or more
Surgery: We nee Partners expert in sperimental surgery particularly in animal model transplantation

Organisation Details

University of Ferrara

Name: University of Ferrara

Department: Unita Operativa di Chirurgia Generale


Address: Ospedale di Argenta
Via Nazionale,5
44011 Argenta

Argenta   44011 ITALY

Type: Research; Education

Number of Employees: > 500

Turnover: 200.0 million euro

Keywords: Transplantation;Liver ;Perfusion machine;Hyperoxigenation

Partners already acquired: USA, University of Illinois at Chicago

RCN: 87126

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Update Date: 2011-05-27