Biomass supply chain improvement (LIGBIOCHAIN)

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CARTIF Foundation

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Project Proposal

Title: Biomass supply chain improvement (LIGBIOCHAIN)

Type Details: Although there are many biomass types that could be used as raw material for the biorefinery industry, only a few of them are finally used because of the logistic problems. Because of this reason it is necessary to research about these logistic problems making easier and cheaper the supply of lignocellusosic biomass in order to allow their use by the growing biorefinery industry.

The LIGBIOCHAIN project treats to solve some of the lignocellulosic biomass logistic problems improving harvest, storage and transport systems and developing new ones.

Programme (Collaboration EU R&D): FP7, FP7-ENERGY, FP7-KBBE

Expiry Date: 2012-05-30

Workprogramme area(s)

(FP7-KBBE KBBE-1) Sustainable production and management of biological resources from land, forest, and aquatic environments

(FP7-ENERGY ENERGY-3.7) Cross-cutting issues (ENERGY-3.7)

Target Partner

Expertise: We are a RTD with huge experience in the biomass supply chain with a global view of the sector, and we seek partners with experience in each specific steps of this chain (harvest, pre-treatment, storage, compacting, transport).

We are specially looking for SMEs, although RTD for any step could be considered.

Organisation Details

CARTIF Foundation

Name: CARTIF Foundation

Department: Biofuels Area

Region: CENTRO (E)

Address: Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo, parcela 205

Boecillo (Valladolid)   47151 SPAIN

Type: Research

Number of Employees: 50 - 249

Keywords: lignocelullosic biomass, logistic, biorefinery

RCN: 87150

Quality Validation Date: 2011-05-31

Update Date: 2011-06-01